Original Gold Medal Eagle Grate – CI056


An Original Gold Medal Eagle Grate manufactured by the Eagle Ironworks, Oxford, a rare and unusual solid fuel cast iron tiled insert


  • An Original Gold Medal Eagle Grate by Royal Letters patent, made by The Eagle Ironworks, Oxford.
  • This Victorian Art Nouveau cast iron tiled fire insert is a very rare and unusual tiled fire grate with doors which can be opened and closed depending on the season, the top door acts as a canopy/hood and the other doors can be used to help start and or control heat from the fire.Comes complete with its original frame, pivoted doors and tiles (which can be changed if desired), front bars and ash pan cover which have been cast from originals
  • New grate, ash pan and fire back
  • Ideal for solid fuel, gas or decorative use.
  • Fully restored in our workshop and ready for installation
  • Finished with traditional black grate polish
  • Outer measurements – 40′ wide x 38′ high
  • Opening 15″
  • Circa 1886
  • Delivery Available