Antique Edwardian Combination – TC040 – SOLD


An Antique Edwardian Combination in cast iron with a very plain and simple design complete with a choice of tiles, reclaimed from a house in Newcastle


  • Antique Edwardian Combination
  • Original reclaimed cast iron fireplace
  • Finished with traditional black grate polish
  • shown with a set of original Victorian fireplace tiles which can be changed if required
  • complete with original adjustable hood/canopy, front bars and ash pan cover
  • New fire clay fire back and grate
  • fully restored and ready to fit
  • delivery available
  • Mantle shelf width 43¾”
  • Mantle shelf depth 8″
  • Height 48¼”
  • Fireplace width 36″
  • Opening 14″
  • circa 1905
  • All measurements are approximate, please contact us for exact dimensions